Welcome to Aldan Elementary

Welcome to Aldan Elementary School. This beautiful one-floor facility is a special place where positive and productive energy can be sensed as soon as one enters the building. A walk down the corridors affords any visitor an opportunity to the daily business of teaching and learning. The students work creatively with a highly qualified diverse group of teachers and support staff. Samples of students’ work are proudly displayed in the classrooms and hallways.

This school is based on the belief that learning takes place best in a well-planned educational environment. The basic skills of mathematics, reading, writing and self-discipline are emphasized, as well as the establishment of good study habits. Parents encourage their children to succeed in school; they support the attitudes, values, and experiences of the school and check that assignments are carried out.

Aldan is Proud to Report
Internet Access
Home and School Association
Band and Chorus
After School Tutoring Program
Improving Student Achievement
Family Reading and Math
Instructional Support
Special Education